Over 45 years of committed service towards the copper tube industry has earned global recognition for Mandev Tubes and trust of its customer. And even today it continues to branch out expensively and gained popularity as one of the top most reputed national brands of Copper Tubes.

  In mid 1964 , Munot Group, one if India’s leading enterprise group, entered the Non-Ferrous Tubing Industry. The Success of the group is the result of the sincere efforts made by our respected Chairman, Mr. Rajmal M. Munot who promoted Mandev Tubes.

Mr. Ramesh R Munot the backbone of Munot Group, his mission of “Commitment to Quality and Total Customer Satisfaction”, his dedication and vision has helped Mandev Tubes achieve a distinct position in the Copper Tube

In 1965, at Umbergaon, Gujarat State, and MANDEV TUBES started its first redrawing plant for manufacturing Copper Tubes

In 1990, MANDEV TUBES introduced integral finned copper tubing in its product range.

In 1995, MANDEV TUBES upgraded its plant with the addition of India’s recent and technically advanced Inert atmospheric Vacuum Type Bright Annealing Furnace by investing more than Rs. Nine million, which has helped us to provide the highest level of tubing quality, which is consistent with MANDEV’S philosophy of continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

In 1999, MANDEV TUBES started manufacturing copper capillary tubes and started catering to many national and multinational OEM’s in India.

In early 2000, MANDEV TUBES got involved in producing copper system tubes and fittings, for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.

In January 2005, MANDEV TUBES further upgraded the manufacturing facility with the addition of advanced differential and absolute Eddy Current Testing facility to manufacturer and supply defect free copper tubes (free from dents, sliver, cracks, hairline flaws & pipe holes etc.) by 100% nondestructive Inspection of Copper Tubes.

In April 2008, MANDEV TUBES started a new Unit to enhance the production capacity to 150 metric tons per month, having a wide range of Chain Draw benches, Continuous Annealing Furnace, Advanced high capacity Vacuum type Bright Annealing Furnace and Computerized Marketing

In 2009, MANDEV TUBES installed Hydro-static testing machine, for in-house hydro-testing of Copper Tubes. This machine can test up to 1000 PSI. Copper pipes for new generation ACR applications require testing at 650 PSI. MANDEV provides copper tubes for Plumbing Heating, PNG applications, Air conditioning and Refrigeration industries, in drawn and annealed tempers and also in a wide range of diameters and wall thickness.

In 2010, MANDEV TUBES introduced a new product “MT ECO SELF CONNECT PLUS” (Registered Design) One end Expanded Copper tube, that has been accepted by the industry due to it’s technocommercial benefits. For more details about this new product Clink here New Products.

In 2013, MANDEV TUBES also started catering Copper Strip conductors with Mica, Kapton & Enamel coating.

The young face of the company, Mr, Aditya Munot is the Director of Mandev Tubes Securing a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons Marketing) at Kingston University, London, and a diploma in family business management from SPJAIN Mumbai. He brings a unique set of dynamic ideas and concepts into our business. Proving his mettle, Mr. Aditya Munot brings dynamism with vision for sustainable growth and joins the company in 2013

In 2014, MANDEV TUBES entered another product segment – Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) with approvals from Third Party Inspection agencies like LLYOD’S, SGS etc and succefully started business across the nation.

During this startup period the company has created awareness and cleared myths and rumors existing in this field and emerged as a well accepted supplier of Copper Pipes for MGPS Standards like EN 13348: 2008, EN 1057: 2006.

MANDEV is an 9001 – 2008, 14001 – 2004, 18001 – 2007 , certified company by URS, another step in our ongoing efforts to deliver the finest thin-wall copper tube in India. We have become the pioneers in precision copper tubes for the ACR market because of our continuous efforts to exceed our own stringent quality control and delivery standards. We are also dedicated towards meeting customized demands of a defect free product.

It is this commitment to superior product quality, personalized customer and technical service, the development of MANDEV smooth-walled copper tube and new MANDEV copper capillary tube that has earned us the reputation as a world-class Supplier of copper tubes and Capillary tubes in India.

These innumerable achievements together with our dedication have been the driving forces, that has paved the way to our success

MANDEV is devoted to document the effectiveness of the company’s quality assurance system and backs the efforts with stringent SPC (Statistical Process Control) programs. Rather than inspecting quality ‘in’ at the end of the production operation, the SPC program ensures that MANDEV’S Online Quality Monitoring System continually check the tubes during each stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality programs throughout the manufacturing process assure that following sophisticated quality controls and inspections are executed:
1) Advanced lineal and axial testing equipment inspect finished tube
2) Quality assurance lab technicians randomly pick and check product samples during production
3) Numerous dimensional and property checks are made at each step of the production process
4) Weekly quality assurance meetings for all personnel ensure critical standards and bring about new ideas to further enhance product quality

Last, but not the least, we stand by our Quality Policy for our commitment to manufacture and supply Copper tubes to the total satisfaction of every customer by way of consistent quality and timely delivery.

We achieved all time high sales turnover of Rs 39 Crores.

Our strength consists of 6 personnel from Management & 4 from Engineering background, 40 Skilled labors & 20 workers.

Our esteemed clients include Blue Star, Daikin, Emerson, ETA, Godrej, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba, Voltas, Developers & Builders like DLF, Hiranandani, Eon, Eros, Ireo & PACL.

Our Product Range Includes:

1) Copper Tubes for Airconditioning & Plumbing Application:

i) MT ECO SELF CONNECT One End Expanded Tubes For CFC free Gas Application
ii) MT ECO TUF Hard & Half Hard Straight length Copper Tubes
iii) MT ECO FLEX Soft copper Tubes in coil form
iv) MT ECO FIT Copper Tube Fittings

2) Copper Tubes for Medical Application:
i) MT MEDI SELF CONNECT PLUS + One End Expanded Tubes For Centralized MGPS ii) MT MEDI FIT Copper Tube Fittings

We have no branches; Our Head Office is located in Mumbai

ISO Certificattes ISO Certificattes ISO Certificattes

Our Clients


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