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The GI pipe has a relatively rough inner surface; so the pressure drop is fairly high when water passes through it. The right angle joints often used for GI pipes enhance this resistance of water flow. The copper tube ensures the minimal pressure drop, due to its smooth inner surface. And also the copper tube is bent smoothly towards any direction and the gentle curvature at the bending point offers little or no resistance to water.

Install it and forget it. That’s the advantage of copper plumbing. And that is why it is tailor-made for concealed installation viable for modern-day construction. A concealed GI pipe will have to be ‘broken into’ when it gives trouble. Copper will hardly ever call for one. Besides, the thin-walled copper tubing can be installed in narrow spaces and being lightweight it is far easier to install. Copper is also immune to the external corrosion caused by concrete.

Copper is indestructible. Neither can the atmosphere oxidize it, nor can water corrode it. And also fire cannot burn it. This is clearly evident from an excavated piece of Egyptian copper water pipe, dating back to the year 2750 B.C. The artifact has survived rigorous conditions for four and a half thousand years. Any other metal would have perished totally.

Compare the aesthetic looks of the copper with the dullness of GI pipes or the gaudiness of plastic, and you can be sure that copper will be the winner. Because copper truly looks world-class.

Copper is malleable, ductile and light weight. Any length of copper tubing can be packed, transported and stored in handy coil form. Imagine the sheer weight and dimensions of a corresponding length of GI pipe and you will exactly know why copper is the right choice.

Copper is anti-fouling. In other words it is anti-bactericidal and fungicidal. So, in effect copper plumbing guards you against a host of diseases that water carries into the kitchen or washroom.

The copper tube, unlike the GI pipe, offers a smooth inhospitable surface minimizing sedimentation from water.
The GI pipe also produces a fluffy corrosion product that is often a major cause of clogging. Copper, on the other hand is well known for its corrosion resistance and can be depended upon to keep your plumbing line in top ‘free-flow’ condition.

Whether you are an architect, a builder or a prospective buyer of real estate, your image is dependent on quality and class. Both these parameters are best met by copper. Copper is a value-addition to real estate. Copper protects your reputation and also your investment, whether in terms of constructional expertise or just money value.

Whether pipes and tubes, general-purpose joints, thimbles, ferrules, bends, couplings, traps or junctions; copper makes fabrication easy. It is highly malleable and ductile. That is why manufacturers of copper plumbing lines and accessories are always geared to meet your requirements, no matter how stringent or exacting.

Corrosion resistance
Would you ever need to pour acid down your plumbing line copper is ready for it. Copper will allow the acid to do its duty on any dirt and filth accumulated inside the pipe. But as it resists corrosion from all types of natural waters and environments copper will not allow the acid to react with itself. The GI pipe subjected to the same rigours will corrode in no time.

The term ‘value’ is perhaps as closely associated with copper as it is with gold. Because not only copper, like teakwood-outlives generations together but also copper plumbing can be dismantled, redesigned, reshaped and reinstalled anywhere else. Even if you choose to dispose off your copper plumbing line, you will always find takers aplenty with capital gains galore.

The installation of copper plumbing is both economical and labour saving. Take a copper tube and bend it just any way you like or take a joint and make it 100% leak-proof through the simplest means of joining. No threading, no filling in leaks with white cement is required. Also, in any case, you don’t need too many joints with copper tubes because copper tubes come in long lengths coiled up for your convenience.

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